Katarina Karl

Is anybody else curious about the inner workings of different ateliers in Namibia?

Leena Shipwata Modelling Academy

I can't do justice in describing how I felt after this training session. I'll say confident.

Katarina Karl is a local brand that adds value to leather, hides and fur pelts by transforming them into into fashion and lifestyle accessories. I was mostly curious to learn what the brand was doing to effectively strategize towards generating increased local consumer demand. Walk into their store, sanitize, and then ask them about their new range of washable, stretchable leather! Follow Katarina Karl on Instagram.

Leena Shipwata Modelling Academy is a much needed space to hone ones modeling craft. Throughout the lesson, Leena reminded us of the importance of maintaining discipline and a life-long learning mindset in order to be successful. I left the session feeling full ... of ... myself. Confident. Leena and Anne set the level of excellence incredibly high from the beginning of the session, and then proceeded to instruct us on how we can think about achieving that level. It was genuinely nerve wrecking even though ... "I know how to walk!". I do, but I don't! Learning about the broad opportunities for models locally and internationally was eye opening and I am grateful to Leena for sharing her knowledge and time with me. Follow Leena and Anne on their respective instagram pages.

Pre-consumer waste

I wanted to explore how I may add value to manufacturing process offcuts, by turning them into a series of fashion items and accessories.

What went right? I developed a personal experience of attempting to recycle fabric waste.

What I liked? Visualizing what it may take to recycle fabric at scale, in terms of sorting, processing and constructing.

What I learnt? The basics to the sewing machine.

What to improve upon? I need to experiment further with natural dyes. I attempted to use Ekwanka but my dyeing process was out of sync.

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