Galilei Njembo

Jackson Wahengo

In this episode I wanted to explore how two musicians were experiencing their work as they look out from their unique perspectives.

I was curious to ask Galilei about his experience with taking his art classes online. Remote learning for the music discipline is particularly difficult because any lag times will disrupt the flow of music and the screen becomes a barrier to gleaning the nuances of the trainers demonstration. As a tutor himself, he gave me an impromptu lesson. Follow Galilei on his intagram.

Jackson is as incredibly impressive in his discipline as he is in his technique. Inspired by the many folk musicians who came before him in Namibian history, he kindly spoke with me about the lyrical poetry of Meekulu Nanghili Nashima, helping me to better understand the storytelling of this great musician. Watch Jackson in a livestream performance.

Bad music

Creating sounds for this composition was much more difficult then I anticipated.

What went right? I could combine, mix and edit my sounds to create something new to me.

What I liked? Testing different objects to discover whatever sounds each object can make.

What I learnt? I learnt the importance of a scratch track.

What to improve upon? Everything.