Nombili, nohole. Hello. This is Ndinomholo.

Ame ondaputukila mo /Ai-//Gams, mo dolopa ai aufanwa oWindhoeka paife. My growing up in Namibia's capital city during the post-independence period was highly influenced by autobiographical storytelling as every teacher, neighbour and cousin recited their part in the Namibian independence narrative.

I was captivated by how this one historical event could be viewed and experienced through so many unique perspectives. The Namibian experience has no shortage of exciting and cinematic story opportunities and so ... I joined the story business and take every opportunity to portray the everyday lives of the old and modern day Eehamba, whom I keep meeting at the traffic lights, on public benches and in grocery store entrance lines.

I have been working as a freelance artist since graduating from university, and by establishing OMI - Oudano Momve Investment cc, I am bringing together my unique skill sets and experiences in creativity, in leadership, and in entrepreneurship in order to fulfill my storytelling ambitions.

I invite you to join me on this storytelling adventure by joining the mailing list to stay informed of projects coming to a screen, stage and speaker near you.

In this micro-section of the www, my intentions are:

  • to entertain YOU by sharing my personal story and journey with you.

  • to engage you in conversation and strategic action that positively impacts the growth of the Namibian creative economy.

  • to promote my services as a commercial voice-over artist.

Please let me know if something on here peeks your interest.

I am reachable at, or you can fill in the Contact Form.


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