Pencilled Casting

The shelf top you see in the picture above is populated with objects and items from Kulans personal history. From personal photographs and mementos to nick-nacks from her travels, to her 3d glass collection (because she keeps forgetting and having to purchase a new pair each time).

Free Your Mind

Slick graciously gave me feedback that had me looking at these figurines differently.

Running a creative business is difficult at the best of times. In this episode I wanted to understand what opportunity Kulan recognized in the market, that prompted her to start her venture, and I wanted to understand how Slick thinks about operating amidst a crisis.

Pencilled Casting is broadening the market opportunities of talented Namibian performers and Kulan described starting up as the right next move. Kulans outlook for the casting industry in Namibia is positive and highly impacted by growing trends in on-demand entertainment and increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in talent casting. Like Pencilled Casting on Facebook today in order to get your face ... or hands ... or left foot .. out there.

Free Your mind Entertainment cc is an institution celebrating 13 years in existence in 2021. Slick said that their teams resilience strategy essentially boils down to 'move in quality' which is to say that they chose to be strategic about what content they would create and how they would reach their core audiences. Like Free Your Mind Entertainment cc on facebook today to learn about upcoming performances.

Komesho: A theatre of sound.

What does a socially distanced performance look like or feel like? This performance seeks to marry presence, sound and sight to speak to the experience of moving forward.

I look forward to eventually figuring out how to engineer the sound for this exhibition so that I can share the experience with a socially distanced audience.

What went right? I made something.

What I liked? The figurines roused attention.

What I learnt? How it may be possible to continue the story of the individual figurines.

What to improve upon? Ideally, I could design and manufacture unique figurines. Whilst I used the soldiers as a placeholder, an audience is trained to see what you show ... so they see toy soldiers. I have to improve on the world-building of this artwork and to properly identify the identity of the figure placing the figurines.