Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre

Equipped Dance Academy

In this episode I wanted to explore how dancers were experiencing covid. How were they going to dance whilst maintain social distancing guidelines? At Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre I observed how she created order through the design of spatial markers and custom facemasks. The students prepared solo pieces. Follow NWDT on instagram

At Equipped Dance Academy, a group of dancers gathered within distance and danced together ... separately. If ever there was a time in history to call out "make the circle bigger", it's now. Follow Stanley on instagram.


The initial idea was to improvise a choreography with the shoes as the central characters. The dusting off at the start was a nice idea which sadly went a little too far.

What went right? The initiating idea of the choreography was relatively good.

What I liked? The intensity of the beginning

What I learnt? The importance of developing a vocabulary of movements in preparation for building a choreographic sentence.

What to improve upon? I must return to what I know and ask myself, who is this character and how do they move, long before moving.